About Us

For more than three decades, KOVA Companies has navigated through economic cycles to acquire, develop, manage, lease and evaluate real estate opportunities nationally.  KOVA and its’ affiliates collaborates with clients to identify real estate opportunities using in-depth research of local target markets.

Commercial real estate owners, investors and tenants turn to KOVA Companies to assist them in securing, managing and growing their investments. With a foundation of conservative management that favors capital preservation and steady income, KOVA identifies the potential risks and returns for target assets, helping clients diversify their investments according to their portfolio requirements.

Headquartered in Southwest Florida, KOVA Companies offers clients a full suite of services.  View our KOVA Companies page for more information.

Our Promise

KOVA stands for Knowledge, Opportunity, Vision, and Accountability. These four pillars guide us in our mission to be the most trusted provider of advisory services to our clients so they can access capital and invest in attractive real estate.

  • To our tenants: We will provide a conducive atmosphere and environment to conduct business in a manner that coincides with our core values.
  • To our investors: We will provide superior risk-adjusted returns by the art of the deal with the discipline of process-driven expectations.
  • To our service providers: We will treat them as an extension of the KOVA family in sharing and being treated as pursuant to our core values.
  • To our employees: We will provide the tools and resources necessary for them to be successful.
  • To our owners and partners: We are driven in our operations to provide all employees, partners and owners with superior profit from operations and returns from investment.

Mission Statement

KOVA Companies operates as a fully integrated commercial real estate firm offering best in class brokerage, property and facilities management, investment, development, valuation and consulting services. Over our 30+ year evolution, KOVA Companies has leveraged a strong foundation by combining synergistic value-add business lines with knowledgeable and versatile professionals. Our mission is to be the preferred place to work, partner and innovate to create growth and value for our clients and stakeholders.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be our local communities’ preferred provider of commercial real estate services. We strive to provide exceptional service, growth and value to our clients and stakeholders with an unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity and industry knowledge.

Our Values

  • Respect the dignity of every individual

    Respect the dignity of every individual

  • Honor truth

    Honor truth

  • Value our tradition to serve

    Value our tradition to serve

  • Champion a long-term perspective

    Champion a long-term perspective

  • Invest in people and foster teamwork

    Invest in people and foster teamwork

  • Encourage faithful stewardship

    Encourage faithful stewardship

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