Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS)

06 Jun 2023
Florida Is Turning A New Page To Focus On Human Safety and Preserving Value By Anthony L. Emma, Jr., CAM / Published June 2023      Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Rule 61B-22.005 mandates that condominium associations must complete a reserve study, and such a report must include a reserve schedule that details the estimated remaining useful […]

SW Florida Hurricane Preparedness

09 May 2023
Hurricane preparedness is essential for those living in Southwest Florida as the region is susceptible to hurricane threats. Here are some resources and information to help you prepare: Sign up for emergency alerts: Stay informed of the latest weather updates, evacuation notices, and other emergency information by signing up for emergency alerts from your county’s […]

KOVA Property Management Provides Exceptional Service With In-Depth Market Knowledge

02 May 2023
As a leading commercial property management company in Southwest Florida, we at KOVA Property Management understand the importance of expertly managing your investment properties. Whether you are a local property owner or a first-time investor, we are here to help you succeed in the commercial real estate venture. Our team at KOVA is comprised of experienced professionals who are […]
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