KOVA Facilities customizes a maintenance plan for each facility based on location and budget

KOVA Facilities customizes a maintenance plan for each facility based on location and budget

By terry | Apr 25, 2023 | KOVA Facilities

KOVA Facilities, a subsidiary of KOVA Companies, provides maintenance and construction support, as well as construction and project management for our clients’ commercial real estate plans.

Our maintenance and construction team provides a wide variety of general services and attention to detail that every commercial property requires. We are committed to performing excellent quality work, service, with exceptional response times. Our maintenance team is on call 24/7 for building emergencies.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • – General Building Maintenance
  • – Construction Project Management
  • – Vacant Unit Monitoring and Maintenance
  • – Vendor Management
  • – Plumbing Maintenance
  • – HVAC Filter Replacement
  • – Interior and Exterior Lighting Inspection
  • – Minor Electrical Repair and LED Retrofitting
  • – Drywall Repair and Painting
  • – Debris Removal
  • – Street and Parking Lot Striping
  • – Street Sign Installation and Replacement
  • – Parking Block Replacement
  • – Trip Hazard and Paver Repair
  • – Fire Watch
  • – Managing FACP, Electrical, and Fire Risers
  • – Elevator Recall Testing
  • – Elevator Pit Cleaning
  • – Exterior Cleaning/Waterproofing/Pressure Washing
  • – Hurricane Preparation and Clean Up


Our construction and project management team is dedicated to build a quality product on time and on budget. We work with design consultants or our client’s design team to value engineer each project from layout and floor plans to building and mechanical designs. Our projects are run with efficiency and with precise project time management to ensure a smooth and seamless process, from start to finish.


Our portfolio of past projects include:

    • – Retail Shopping Centers
    • – Multi-Tenant Office Buildings
    • – Industrial Buildings
    • – Single Tenant Out Parcels
    • – Medical Centers
    • – New Construction and Retrofit Bank Properties


We adhere to stringent verification processes of our vendors, verifying experience, licensing and insurance compliance. No matter the size, requirements, or uniqueness of the project at hand, we have the capability and capacity to deliver exceptional results.

Let the team at KOVA Facilities guide you through your next project.